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Mesk Air - The New Shiny Star

23 September, 2021

Announcing our own B747-400BDSF

Quick Link Aviation Services is proud to introduce its own B747-400BDSF, offering capacity up to 111 tons and 720 cbm. On September 23rd , 2021. AC 9H-MSK operated its 1st flight from Kansas City in USA to Istanbul , Turkey and in the next few days will operate to Malta, then will operate worldwide in our network supporting our existing customers /routes and more important our new planned operation from China.

Really, it’s a great and remarkable step in our history and success journey, started with one IL 76, 3 leased B747-400F , own AB300-C4 also recently we have our own 3 Embraer 145. That’s in additional to several ACMI deals with different airlines. This just one step further in our way forward and still have a lot to do to support our customers and markets worldwide

The UAE-headquartered company specializes in scheduled, chartered cargo flights as well as offering a host of other aviation services, including a complete range of GSSA (General Sales and Service Agent) services. We are also experts in handling special cargo projects, including heavy and outsized cargo, all managed by capable and internationally-certified trained staff.

Special thanks to Cpt. Abdussalam Aradi, Chairman of the group , CEO Mr. Ibrahim Al Aradi for facilitating and executing our growth’s plan and of course the strong leaders Mr. Abdullah Al Sherif , Mr. Nizar and Mr. Nazih.
Last but not least the strong team and partners , Quick Link Aviation UAE , Global Air Transport Libya, Aerolink Aviation Services Turkey and all our partners worldwide .