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With our freighter managed fleet of B747-400F & A300-600 and backed by experience and proven expertise, Quick Link Aviation Services is positioned uniquely to offer full and part aircraft charter capacity on a worldwide basis. In addition to efficient, safe and seamless handling of several air routes and schedules we offer tailored services that guarantee flexibility for our clients and their cargo.

Quick Link Aviation Services is operating the following routes:
Hong Kong › Libya (weekly)
Hong Kong › Ostend (weekly)
UAE › Libya (weekly)
Turkey › Libya (weekly)

Our knowledgeable team will find the right solution for your requirements, considering the volume, type of goods and intended destination. From humanitarian aid and relief goods to medical supplies and time-sensitive products, our operations team can expedite transportation of your goods, keeping your business and operations going.

  • Global Reach:We’re your best fit, if you’re looking to reach out to a remote destination.
  • Tailored to your need: We tailor to your exact requirement and offer aircraft options for every occasion.
  • Speed, Flexibility and Comfort: We ensure that even the most demanding of schedule is met and all your requirements are taken care of by single point of contact.
  • Round the clock service: We operate 24/7, 365 days a year.

Charter Enquiries
Our charter department is available seven days a week to deal with all your enquiries in a quick and efficient manner. Call us with all your air freight enquiries and we are confident that we will be able to offer you a competitive solution.
For all charter enquiries please email or call:
Email: // Tel: +971 (6) 5325600

We Handle

General Cargo

Transporting goods of all kinds requires a high level of accuracy. With years of experience, Quick Link Aviation Services is committed to consistently provide quality and efficient handling all kinds of shipments and in all sizes.

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Perishable Cargo

With efficient air transport service and qualified and efficient staff, your fruits, vegetables, fish, meat and flowers, (which are time and temperature sensitive) are guaranteed to arrive fresh at their destination.

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Live Animals & Pets

Quick Link Aviation Services has decades of experience providing safe and secure solutions to transport live animals and pets. Each animal’s wellbeing is paramount and we take every professional care to provide a smooth and comfortable journey. Our animal air transport specialists are well trained and have in depth knowledge of IATA’s Live Animal Regulations (LAR).

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Whether it’s a highly-prized thoroughbred, a young horse being groomed for a race, or just ordinary horses, rest assured they will be safely transported with our experienced and highly-trained animal carers.

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Vehicle Transportation

Over the years, Quick Link Aviation Services has benefitted the automotive industry by facilitating safe transport and careful handling of vehicles. Whether you are looking to move small parts or fully assembled vehicles, our knowledgeable team is on hand to assist you in finding the right solution for your requirement, considering the volume and intended destination.

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Pharma Cargo

Drawing on decades of experience, Quick Link Aviation Services is well equipped to deliver lifesaving drugs and sensitive pharmaceutical products with protection and control at every step of the journey.

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Dangerous Goods

Adhering to the strictest standards of the IATA/ICAO safety/security requirements and concerned regulatory authorities, Quick Link Aviation Services can safely and responsibly handle shipments classified as Dangerous Goods.

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Humanitarian and Relief

We are experienced in responding to emergency situations, transporting humanitarian and relief aid to even the most logistically challenged areas, handled by a professional team of cargo and aviation experts.

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Heavy and Oversized Cargo

Our expert team can help you accurately identify how the oversized pieces of cargo can be safely transported by air. Our experience and reputation in this area is backed by regular training for safe handling, transport and all applicable regulatory controls.

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Oil & Gas

We have over fifteen years of experience assisting the energy industry. When it comes to managing the logistics of oil and gas, safety and efficiency are the greatest concerns. The unique capability of our freighter aircraft (nose loading B747- 400F) means we can carry very big and heavy cargo, which has proved very popular for the oil and gas industry.

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