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Quick Link Aviation Services (FZC)
Cargo Terminal 3, Warehouse 2,
Sharjah International Airport
Sharjah, UAE
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Management Team

Quick Link Aviation’s leadership comprises a team of veteran aviation and air cargo specialists, instrumental in the company’s growing global operations. Their combined unparalleled experience and market understanding, ensures the best value for customers and their businesses, anytime, anywhere and in all seasons.

Eng. Ibrahim Aradi, CEO

Eng. Ibrahim El Aradi founded Quick Link Aviation Services in 2005 with a vision to serve his need for a reliable and fast air transport service linking it to the rest of the world. He slowly worked towards his goal and today the company has expanded its operations across regions and Mr. El Aradi currently heads the organisation as the CEO.

He is someone who has always believed in “finding your niche and playing to your strength.” Leading from the front, Mr. El Aradi’s fast paced and forward thinking strategies has helped the company scale up services &expand operations globally. With hard work and determination, the results-driven and self-motivated entrepreneur, stirred the company to growth within few years, successfully carving a niche for its unique aviation and air cargo services in a very competitive global market. Under him, Quick Link Aviation continues to escalate great heights and achieve operational excellence.
Mr. El Aradi is an engineering graduate with Master’s Degree in Total Quality Management.

Reda Ghaly, General Manager

Reda Ghaly nurtured a career at Egypt Air Cargo for many years, serving in various top positions, including as Economic VP, before moving to Quick Link Aviation in 2016. He represented Egypt’s national cargo carrier in different parts of the world and was instrumental in setting up its strategic partnership agreements for various major players in the industry. He also served as Committee Member for Egypt Air Cargo's Strategy & Planning Department.

Reda Ghaly ensures the smooth operation of day-to-day activities at Quick Link Aviation Services while nurturing its reputation as a major player in the globally competitive aviation industry.
Reda Ghaly has a Bachelor’s degree in Commerce.

Magdy El Ghandour, Chief Commercial Officer

Magdy El Ghandour’s rich and vast experience in the aviation industry spans more than 40 years, working his way up to the competitive corporate world of different major regional and international airlines like KLM Royal Dutch Airlines, Egypt AirCargo and Etihad Cargo. El Ghandour has traveled extensively across the world for business, contributing to the companies he worked for to increase revenues and adopt to new industry trends. As Head of Cargo at Cairo Airport for several years, he was credited for setting up its air cargo handling facility policy and helping Egypt’s air freight industry become actively engaged with different international trade bodies.

While working with Etihad Cargo, El Ghandour was instrumental in creating new opportunities via opening new cargo stations, increasing revenue and creating stability in business by appointing a strong partnership network.
El Ghandour has a degree in Business Administration.