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Message from the CEO

With a legacy and work experience that spans over 15 years,
we believe in doing things differently.

Welcome to Quick Link Aviation Services

It’s not been easy, and it’s not been perfect, but given the circumstances, I have to say I’m extremely proud of the way our team have worked together and with our customers to manage and overcome the various obstacles.

With a legacy and work experience that spans over 15 years, we believe in doing things differently. Our aim: Operate in a responsible, safe and sustainable manner while providing quality services. Strong client oriented approach by our team of industry experts allows us to tie trust based partnerships with ahead of time solutions and impeccable execution. Going forward, we will continue to exceed customer expectations through forward thinking approaches and even better services.

Despite extraordinary times and extremely challenging situations, we have continued to scale up our services and expansion plans both regionally as well as globally. This, in fact underlines our zest to achieve what we at Quick Link believe in, “Building connections, creating opportunities.”

To further build on our motto, Quick Link Aviation Services has successfully mapped out its digital strategy that will accelerate innovation and growth and help us serve our clients across geographies. We have swiftly migrated physical channels to online and the automated processes are now a primary driver of productivity in a world where agile ways of working are a prerequisite to meeting ‘seemingly daily changes’ to customer behaviour.

We are committed to new ways of working, and by leveraging our industry expertise, relationships and reputation we will continue to challenge ourselves to drive further innovation by anticipating customer needs that emerge from changing times.

Ibrahim El Aradi
Chief Executive Officer